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What Makes Anu Builders?

In today’s world, there are three basic needs of every human. It is food clothing and shelter! Among these, in the recent days, the importance of shelter has grown multifold. People are on the Lookout for lands and houses. For the people who are in the city limits, if they have to take an advantage of all the amenities and the proximity of all the important locations like the airport, supermarkets, railway stations and a lot of other things, they do not have an option but to invest in apartments.

Apartments 30 days have become crowded and the thin line between being in a community and being in a crowd has slowly vanished. In all of these, there are a few Apartment options that do not compromise on the value of community living but at the same time do not crowd you with a deficit of parking spaces and open areas.

Anu Builders brings you the comfort and convenience of community living with the freedom of living in your own space with the unique Apartments that we build. These Apartments do not number more than 6 and that makes it a great number for you to be not in a crowded Apartment Complex but at the same time have a healthy relationship with the people in your apartment.

Needless to say, Anu builders do not compromise on the quality of construction. The fact that the flat constructed by us are still standing tall and strong is more than enough a testimony for our commitment to excellence in quality and customer satisfaction.

What Can You Expect From Us? 

Most of us believe that the houses that we build are built for others. At Anu builders, we believe that the houses that we build are more meant to be homes than houses and it is built for the cause of the person who buys the flat and has invested not only their money but their time, sweat, commitment and trust in buying that apartment.

Anu builders give you the apartments that precisely with this requirement. The life in a home is important than Lifestyle outside the home. Our Apartments are designed to be cozy and compact which gives you a sense of being with the family.

The outdoor of the apartment will not be landscaped or will not have Gardens that are artificially crafted. On the other hand, you can expect to have an abundance of nature which might even include paddy fields that have fresh water irrigating them. The wind that blows from the forests nearby is sure to refresh your every morning. A walk around the neighborhood will make you feel more energized than the treadmill of a gym.

Apartments built by Anu builders carry with them a tag of quality and customer satisfaction. Our Apartments are built using the finest building materials without compromising on the safety of the structure and the longevity of the building. These things make Anu builders one of the most preferred builders in the vicinity of Medavakkam, Perumbakkam, and Vengaivasal.

Which is Best Eeither Renting vs Buying an Apartment in Medavakkam Chennai?

The debate over renting vs buying an apartment has been prevalent since time immemorial. Some might argue for buying an apartment because it gives a sense of processing and also talk about your monthly rent being converted into a beneficial equated monthly installment and at the end of this pen, you’re having the house for yourself.

Everything you should need to know about medavakkam before to buy a flat in Medavakkam

However, when it comes to a locality like Medavakkam, the scene might be a bit different. Since we are looking at things in specific to Medavakkam, a little has to be talked about regarding the location. Medavakkam was once a small village that did not see any light of urbanization until probably the middle of the last decade of the previous century. However, when the information technology Revolution hit all the major cities of India, Medavakkam started to grow in terms of importance and prominences. Its proximity to the information technology corridor called the Old Mahabalipuram Road and the way it connects to a lot of important urban hotspots like Velachery and Tambaram has rendered Medavakkam one of the most sought after residential locations in Chennai especially in the southern region close to OMR that’s the hub of major IT companies.

With all these advantages, there is no question as to why Medavakkam has become an important place that people consider buying Apartments at. However, before investing on an apartment which is going to be one of the most important Landmark decisions in your life, it is important to know more about Medavakkam and it is not just about the positive but also the possible negative.

The Geographic and transportation advantage of Medavakkam is quite known. III phase of the Chennai Metro is expected to cover Medavakkam as well. With the construction of the flyovers that are expected to decongest the Medavakkam Sholinganallur junction, Medavakkam can only expected to become more residence friendly. Medavakkam has all the amenities it takes to make a living peaceful. It is quite close to a lot of amenities including supermarkets, schools, hospitals, churches and temples. At the same time, it is far from the battle of the city and does not suffer much traffic even without the flyover. It’s proximity to the information technology corridor makes your commute quite easy that you can cross over to your office in less than 20 minutes where ever your office is on the Old Mahabalipuram Road.

On the other hand, Medavakkam has seen a steep increase in the real estate prices and it can only be expected to grow better. Medavakkam, as the name implies, is elevated from the rest of the landscape and that puts it away from the danger of the floods that could possibly ravage Chennai. Medavakkam is situated close to the nanmangalam Reserve Forest that ensures a rich supply of fresh air and it can be best filled in the morning walks at Medavakkam.

These are a few things that you should consider with at most intensity before you consider investing on an apartment in Medavakkam.

Considering all these factors, it’s a great idea to buy apartments in Medavakkam right now! Investing in properties in Medavakkam poses two advantages – one is that it’s a perfect place to start living a life with all amenities proximal to you, right away!

The second is, of course, the urban development posed for this area. With all the imminent developments, and the congestion of the city, Medavakkam is all set to grow, and buying flats in Medavakkam is surely a great investment option!

Benefits of buying home in medavakkam

if anything or buying would be a good option, it is to be understood that Medavakkam, as much as it is a new age residential area because of the bomb in information technology-related industries, has also been a great place to live since time immemorial. It always has had an access to Tambaram and has served as an important centroid for Sholinganallur, Velachery and Saint Thomas Mount. Considering all of these, Medavakkam is not going to lose its value as a real estate Hotspot in the foreseeable future. buying an apartment has its own set of pros and cons. When you buy an apartment, you are getting committed to pay the equated monthly installment for probably the next 20 to 30 years. At the same time, you also have a sense of owning your own home. The advantage of owning a house comes with a lot of benefits like the option to customize your living space according to your wishes and making alterations to the house without being questioned by anyone who can claim a higher authority.

Renting, on the other hand, has a few advantages and disadvantages. Renting is not a commitment and you can move out of your rented home as and when you would like without even an iota of remorse or regret because you are not committed to it. This gives you a bit of a flexibility for you to move to new locations in search of career opportunities or better lifestyles. However, it is to be understood that you will come until the end of time, be not known as someone who has bought a house and it is important considering the mindset of the Indian society.

When it comes to Medavakkam, if you were to own a house, it is a Win-Win situation. If you have to be confined to the Medavakkam surroundings for your career and everything, you have bought a house or an apartment in one of the most peaceful and safest areas of Chennai. Should you be moving to another locality or another City for your career, you still have a high chance of your apartment being printed out by one of the many millions of it professionals from other states who come into Chennai and are always on the Lookout for a rented house.

Given these circumstances, it is always a great idea to buy an apartment in Medavakkam rather than renting an apartment in Medavakkam!

What is the difference between Anu Builders and other builders?

When you buy an apartment, you are probably dedicating a part of your monthly earnings to pay for it for probably the next 25 to 30 years. Considering this long standing commitment, it is very important to evaluate the Builder with whom you are buying your flat in addition to evaluating the flat, the location, the amenities and a lot of other factors. While the second set of factors can be easily games and are a bit superficial, it is imperative to know why one builder is better than the other.

Here is where Anu builders make a difference. Most of the builders these days are committed to showcasing what could be called as the trophy aspects of an apartment. People talk about living in gated communities, swimming pools, club houses and a lot of other things. However, if you had to consider your daily life style, it might not be entirely possible for you to consume this amenity. However, you are paying for all these amenities which are going to be enjoyed by people who do not have to commute to work on a daily basis. A lot of Apartments also talk about the landscape in their community. However, you do not need a landscaping if your surrounding was plentiful with fresh air and places where you can enjoy a peaceful walk in the morning or evening.

This is where Anu builders brings you its uniqueness. Anu builders does not invest on huge land that have a lot of amenities beyond what people expect practically. However, the projects of Anu builders are more about compact and cosy homes that give you a feeling of being in a nice community but at the same time, do not come with all the curses of community living.

How much does a home really cost in Medavakkam?

Medavakkam has emerged to be a real estate Hotspot and the prices have only gone up in the past few years. However, the good news is that buying an apartment in Medavakkam has become more affordable because of passive stagnation in the prices. When the prices are on the rise, the place becomes an investment Hotspot and when the prices stabilized, the place becomes a residential hotspot. When Medavakkam is right now a presidential hotspot, there is no better time to buy an apartment in Medavakkam. However, the constant question that people have is what the real price of an apartment in Medavakkam is.

The price of the apartment in Medavakkam depends on a few factors. While the carpet area of the apartment in Medavakkam is a definite variable, there are a lot of other aspects like the proximity to the Tambaram Velachery Main Road or the Medavakkam Sholinganallur road or the Medavakkam Madipakkam road. In addition to this, the brand name of the Builder and the quality of the construction also plays an important role. In the recent days, and other important factor that determines the price of Apartments is the groundwater level.

Considering these factors, these days, the average price of a 2 bedroom apartment in Medavakkam in the vicinity of 750 to 900 square feet of carpet area is in the range of 39 to 46 lacs spot the three bedroom Apartments which go beyond the thousand square feet range stand at about 70 lacs to 1 crore.


Flat Name: Trinity Flats

Project Address : Veerabadra Nagar, Medavakkam, Chennai-600100
Total Number of Flats: 5 Flats
Type : 2 BHK, 3 BHK 

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Flat Name: Sri Sadhanand Flats

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Total Number of Flats: 4 Flats
Type : 2 BHK

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2 BHK Flat for Rent in Puthu Koil Bus Stop Medavakkam

Flat Name: Sri Arunagiri Flats

Project Address : Puthu Koil Bus Stop, Medavakkam, Chennai-600100
Total Number of Flats: 4 Flats
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Flat for Sale in Babu Nagar MedavakkamFlat Name: Arul Nandhi Flats

Project Address : Babu Nagar, Medavakkam, Chennai-600100
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Type : 1 BHK, 2 BHK, 3 BHK

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shree-shivani-enclave-flat-medavakkamFlat Name: Shree Shivani Enclave

Project Address : Veerabadra Nagar Extension, Medavakkam, Chennai-600100
Total Number of Flats: 6 Flats
Type : 2 BHK

Check Available Status : Shree Shivani Flats

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