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Highlights of Our Apartments

Anu Builders are committed to creating amazing living spaces. What we call as a construction is what you call as your home. We understand the emotion that goes into calling one physical structure as a home and we make sure that what we have created for you with love and care contains all what is needed in a home.

We do not create extravagance, but we create Elegance. We do not want to create homes with features that are only worth advertising but never word using. Instead, we create compact communities where everyone knows everyone and where you live together as one big happy family.


Our Apartments are strategically located so that you are never far away from the basic amenities like provision shops, supermarkets, clinics, hospitals, schools and bus stops. With the lavish car parking spaces that do not have any confusions, you can be assured that your accessibility is sorted out.


Our Apartments are designed to maximize your living space. We are not here to cramp up a lot of apartments a limited space but rather to give you a sense of being in a place where you can feel at home in every way possible!

Quality of building

Since we do not hide any cost, we can assure you that the quality of materials that we used to construct your dream home is nothing short of the best. This is quite evident in the trust that we have gained with our customers over many years and the longevity of the buildings that we construct that stand as a testimony in places like Medavakkam, Vengaivasal and Perumbakkam.

All of this come along with the trust of the name Anu Builders. The Legacy that we have created for us in giving quality living spaces in the vicinity of Medavakkam lives on and will live forever. When you buy a home from Anu builders at Perumbakkam, you are not buying a home. You are exchanging a value of trust!

Our Guarantee to You

It is the trust that people have had on our name, or projects, our Constructions, and the commitment and the constant determination to provide our customers with the best quotes that makes Anu builders special!

All these years of providing amazing homes has lead us to uphold values that we will never compromise even in the distant future. Here are the guarantees that Anu builders gives you.

Guarantee of quality

Our houses are built using the finest material available in the market and they are built to stand up for a long time! We believe that strong relationships are built with long lasting houses. Our bath ware and the ceramics that we use are all this from trusted vendors and trusted brands. After all, we are proud that you are proud of your home built by Anu Builders.

Guarantee of best price

For some, the house might be a home. And for some others, the house might be an investment. The investment has to be in the best value for the money that you spend and Anu builders has decided not to compromise on that front. The price per square foot that you pay with Anu builders is surely at market value or in most cases, below the market value. This would mean that you get the best value for the money that you invest!

Guarantee of location

Never ever in the future will you face issues with land disputes or any other interferences. The land that we acquire for building your home is thoroughly investigated and analysed before we set our project on. You can sit back and relax with the trust that your home will be your home for many generations to come!

With so much to offer, you can consider buying a home with Anu builders. With a vast availability of apartments in Medavakkam, Vengaivasal and Perumbakkam, Anu builders continuous to create landmarks!

Additional Services We Offer – Other Than Building You a Great Home

The very mention of the name Anu builders Conjuring up memories of people who construct classy and compact Apartments that you will be proud calling your home! True that memory, and builders has a Legacy of creating amazing living spaces and in that process, creating a lot of satisfied customers who swear their trust to the name of Anu builders.

In addition to this, Anu builders also has other forays which are very much limited to the field of real estate but different nevertheless.

Land Development

Land is one of the most amazing, important and valuable assets that you can own. It is an eternally appreciating asset and it is one of the biggest reasons why people love to buy land. However, if the land has to appreciate in its value better than the market, you need to develop that land into a real estate hotspot. This is not as easy as it sounds. However, Anu builders has the expertise it takes to make your land into a bigger and better investment.

Individual houses

There might be a sense of satisfaction when it comes to owning an apartment. However, when you own a house that you can call it as yours on your own piece of land, the sense of satisfaction is surely higher and better. Anu builders understands your need for an individual house and we make sure that we bring you the best value in terms of cost efficiency and land value. In short, we make sure that your home is constructed as meticulous as or Apartment is.

These services offered by Anu builders only ensure that the brand Anu builders is not just about Apartments but more about 360° real estate solutions!

How much should i need invest to buy a flats in Perumbakkam

Perumbakkam might be a place that is quite known for its proximity to multiple amenities to work and even the exit points of Chennai. When it comes to investing in an apartment at Perumbakkam, it is important to know the value that you will need to give for getting what is rightfully yours at the right intensities.

Real estate prices are always fluctuating, and when it comes to a hot location like Perumbakkam, the intensity of fluctuation is even higher. Therefore, it is important for the buyer to know the price of apartments in Perumbakkam.

The price of apartments in Perumbakkam has steeply increased over the recent past. There are times when apartments and lands at Perumbakkam where is sold at one fifth of what is being sold for today. However, the increase cannot be completely blamed on one single attribute. There are a lot of factors like the development of Sholinganallur, the expansion of the city, the moving of the city epicentre to Velachery and quite a lot of other factor that have influenced this price rise.

Things to check before buy a flats in Perumbakkam

Perumbakkam has become an important place when it comes to real estate. A lot of established builders have started their Constructions in Perumbakkam and have started to sell a lot of units as well.

However, before buying an apartment in Perumbakkam, you will need to ask yourself the following questions. It is your hard-earned money and the fruit of your blood and sweat and let it not go for a waste when you invest in something that might not give the right fruit.


Perumbakkam is such a vast expanse of many localities that people could you say that it is technically in Perumbakkam but might not be there, or the best case, could be present somewhere in the outskirts of the limits of Perumbakkam. It might give you a great space for living but at the same time, you might have to compromise a lot on the accessibility and the connectivity.


When we talk about price, we are not just talking about Perumbakkam alone. It is important to analyse the price trend of a place before booking your apartment or a promotional piece of land. This will ensure that your money goes to the right value. There are a lot of factors other than the price that make the equation a little bit complicated. You will need to question the carpet area, the UDS value and a lot of other variables that justify the price.


After the 2015 Chennai floods, the vulnerability of a region with respect to natural disasters has become an important factor. Make sure that you collect historical data about the place about how it has been affected in various tragedies. The intensity of being affected might not just be confined it to roads. It is also about how quickly Electricity was restored to the place, the availability of basic survival items even during the times of disaster and a lot more!

Perumbakkam is surely one of the hottest areas in Chennai with respect to real estate. It gives you the best of everything. You are quite close to office and also a lot of amenities, but at the same time you are living in an area that is full of peace and tranquility. Before you invest your money in Perumbakkam, it is important for you to critically and meticulously analyse all the factors that you will need to consider before investing it.

Top 3 reason to buy flats in Perumbakkam

Connecting two of the most important hotspots in Suburban Chennai, Medavakkam and Sholinganallur, Perumbakkam has grown to be a place of vital importance for residential, commercial and Employment purposes. With the advent of the information technology special economic zones on the road connecting Medavakkam Junction to Sholinganallur junction, Perumbakkam has started to regain its importance not any more as a fertile farming village but more as a real estate hotspot.

There are a lot of reasons why you should consider buying a home at Perumbakkam. More than that, these days, buying a home in a place that is quite connected to the eastern and southern end of the city seems more like a practical option as the city of Chennai seems to grow more in that direction. Places like Kelambakkam which where once an Eagle old village has now become the South Eastern gateway of Chennai. Places like Singa Perumal Koil which was so abandoned is now a real estate hotspot.


Baby you want to drive to the city for some movie or catching up with a friend. Maybe you want to shop at the Phoenix Marketcity at Velachery. Maybe you want to chill out on a long drive on the east coast road. For all of these, and including your daily commute to your office on the Old Mahabalipuram Road, Perumbakkam seems like a perfect place for you to plan anything that is related to travel. The proximity of the Global hospitals makes it even better in terms of Health Care. The vast expanse of the voters surrounding Perumbakkam also assures a cold climate all through the year.


There are a lot of transportation options for you from Medavakkam and from the Sholinganallur junction of the Old Mahabalipuram Road in addition to the usual buses and cabs, you also have a lot of share autos that operates round the clock giving you perfect connectivity options. With the plan of the third phase of Chennai Metro, you can only expect better connectivity on the Old Mahabalipuram Road.


You cannot disagree that Perumbakkam is one of the best places to invest right now. The prices might not be at the highest but they are not unaffordable either. Investing on an apartment in Perumbakkam right now would be a great idea for you to spend your hard earned money and get a place that you can call it home!

These are a few reasons why Perumbakkam should be considered for buying your first Apartment. With the trust of Anu Builders and the Assurance of quality, you can surely enjoy the awesomeness of your apartment in Perumbakkam.

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