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A smooth five-minute drive off the Tambaram Velachery High Road puts you at a peaceful and serene neighbourhood called Vengaivasal! Vengaivasal is an auxiliary residential area parallel to the Velachery Tambaram High Road – both literally and figuratively. Vengaivasal has a distinction of being unscathed by any urban developments, and has maintained its sea-urban and village-like atmosphere for a really long time.

It’s surely a great investment and residential option to buy apartments in Vengaivasal – with the promise of being a great residential area, and that too, without suffering the onslaught of IT parks and commercial establishments, it’s now a real estate expert’s suggestion to buy flats in Vengaivasal.

Anu Builders, with its diverse projects, gives you great options to buy apartments and flats in Vengaivasal. Take a look at our projects below, and you will have more reasons to be convinced as to why you should buy flats in Vengaivasal, and buy it right now!

Anu builders developed in one of the hot-selling residential hubs of Chennai planned over a DTCP Approved layout. The project is developed with ready to occupy 2BHK flats at a reasonable price also 3 BHK apartments for sale in Vengaivasal and their surroundings places in Chennai. Anu builders apartment is a residential place where you can enjoy the luxurious quality lifestyle in the midst of nature. You can enjoy yourself in the serene environment and relax limitlessly. The lush green surrounding and the spacious walkways provide you with the chance of experiencing nature’s beauty. The project is developed over a vast area with ample space for the home buyer also being developed with  4 floors which are comprised of 2BHK & 3BHK flats for sale in Tambaram, Chennai. This place is arranged far from the hustle-clamor of the city life the property is garland with ultra-current arrangements and advancements. If you are a nature darling, at that point, this is the perfect private for speculation. You can alleviate your eyes and revive your heart in the encompassing excellence. The cutting-edge fundamental enhancements and highlights will enable you to appreciate an agreeable and lavish way of life. Anu builders offer proximity to major nearby residential hubs also. Anu builders are one of the renowned builders in and around the suburbs of Chennai, has crafted this awesome living space with amenities like rainwater harvesting, jogging track, indoor games, gated community, and many more.

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         There are numerous houses for sale in Vengaivasal Chennai below 25 lakhs and there are also flats for sale in Vengaivasal Chennai below 30 lakhs. These small targets can be achieved and one can own a house by even taking a house loan or by saving money itself. The modernization in technology has paved way for both increases in the rates, inflation, and recession too. However, it has also ushered a way for the designers to plan for affordable houses. Situated not-so-far from the amenities and far from the bustle, this cost of living space is perfect for you and your family! A gated-community feel with unparalleled privacy gives your children the security and safety that they deserve, and your parents, the peace of being in blissful silence. The property comes with a lot of common amenities like dedicated car parking and a few rare amenities not-so-common in Chennai, the most important being potable groundwater. The apartments are surely a class apart – a perfect centroid of the serenity of nature and the utility of nature, and above everything, value for money! With the construction of the flyovers in Vengaivasal, Medavakkam and Velachery, you can only expect this locality to turn more lucrative and livable with every passing year! Avail this opportunity to own a place that’s almost an urban-heaven! Contact Anu Builders now!!

How much should I need invest to buy a flat in Vengaivasal?

         People usually think that it is better to invest in developed areas than investing in developing areas. However, a wise man and an investor would understand how beneficial it would be to invest in a developing area on a long term. It usually happens like; we spend our lives saving for buying a house in a developed area that would either cost above 60-70 lakhs. Real estate has been one of the most preferred choices for investments. It is basically due to the results it provides on a long-term or even on a short-term basis. Investment in the real estate sector is considered as safe as it also offers high ROI’s, thus making people opt for this over any other options.  However, with the real estate boom, people usually make common mistakes and they end up committing blunders. This results in either low ROI’s on a long-term basis or loss of profit. Vengaivasal has various developed areas that have high rate flats and houses that are far beyond our reach. Instead, there are also many other developing areas in Vengaivasal. The houses that were built in Medavakkam have already been sold out. The cost has skyrocketed when compared to the cost on which it was bought. The land and the house price have increased tremendously. With this, it only introduces the buyers to more such projects that are done in the developing areas. But why should people prefer developing areas over the developed areas for their investments? These developing areas have high returns on investments and they also are one of the rental opportunities that one can think of for investments. When you sit and evaluate on the developed and developing areas in Chennai for investment, you’d certainly be more satisfied with the results and information you collect for investment in the developing areas than on the developed areas.

             There are numerous residential areas that are fast developing and are rapidly growing. Investment in Vengaivasal and areas around it would be the best option and would be a game changer for your investment. There are numerous houses for sale in Vengaivasal below 25 lakhs and there are also flats for sale in Vengaivasal below 30 lakhs. These small targets can be achieved and one can own a house by even taking a house loan or by saving money itself. The modernization in technology has paved way for both increases in the rates, inflation, and recession too. However, it has also lead a way for the designers to plan for affordable houses. There are even 20 lakhs budget house plans that have come up under the Anu builders projects if you are looking for affordable house investment options. Real estate investors who care for investment returns do not just invest. They take advantage of investment returns offers from real estate developers. Anu builders continue to assist rental investors to reap good investment profits. As such, real estate and rental investors have made at and their other projects at Vengaivasal their preferred investment destinations. The rental returns are quite reasonable, if not good.

Things to check before buy a flats in Vengaivasal

        Vengaivasal is now popular as an IT hub for the workforce due to affordable rates and improved connectivity options. Vengaivasal is also popular when it comes to rentals. The reasonable property prices also make Vengaivasal popular amongst homebuyers here. Several IT companies have set up their back-offices in near Vengaivasal. This has boosted infrastructure including townships, retail and residential projects and physical infrastructure according to experts. Several IT companies have deployed investments in commercial land, which is located at Vengaivasal. The many companies and other IT parks have also come up here. There are leading companies here including HCL Technologies, MilesTs, TCS, Dell and BPO centers such as Royal Bank of Scotland, Perot Systems, CMA,CGM and iOPEX Technologies. Vengaivasal is now popular as an IT hub for the workforce due to affordable rates and improved connectivity options. Vengaivasal is also popular when it comes to rentals. The reasonable property prices also make Vengaivasal  popular amongst homebuyers here. The public transport facility is good including buses and auto rickshaws. Several social amenities like leading hospitals, educational institutions and entertainment and recreational zones are located nearby. Oragadam, Padappai and Velachery, Vengaivasal are flourishing due to the boom in industrial growth. Projects of Anu builders at these places are successful examples of this. All the industrial growth and development is leading towards popularity of real estate in . Be smart and invest in Vengaivasal and benefit from this investment. Become proud homeowners with Anu builders.

            Metro connection or any other big infrastructure development in future linked to the location of the property you intend to purchase can boost the return on investment tremendously. Also, ensure that the property is not close to any polluting industry.important to analyse the location of the project. A home buyer should look at factors, such as the surrounding social and physical infrastructure, amenities offered in the project and connectivity to other neighboring regions. A region with many ready amenities will help you settle down easily in your new house.

   Five important things you should know before buy a flat:               
  1. Rate of rental in the area, in future if you are planning to invest in a rental property, homes in high-rent or highly populated areas are ideal.
  2. Check the market resale value which is 4th most important.
  3. Loan eligibility is also important part if you are financially not strong enough.
  4. Loan eligibility depends upon the salary capacity, income, existing loans or debts and age of the loan applicant.
  5. Most important which is Stamp Duty & Registration Fee this is an important expense or tax, much like the sales tax and income tax that are collected by the Government.

Top 3 reason to buy flat in Vengaivasal

 Vengaivasal is a residential locality in the south of Chennai Metropolitan city which is adjacent to the neighbourhood of Sholinganallur, Madipakkam, Selaiyur, Keelkattalai, Velachery and Tambaram.This location is a fast developing residential locality due to its close proximity to the IT corridor OMR  and SEZ in Medavakkam Sholinganallur Road. Vengaivasal is located at just 3 km from Medavakkam. Vengaivasal is today witnessing major real estate development in Chennai. The region may be currently home to only a few hundred thousand residents but is gearing towards major developments in the year to come. Several premium builder of chennai have launched a number of residential project in vengaivasal. And today, prices of residential project and other properties here are a lot more affordable when compared to many other part of chennai. However, the same property cannot be said in the next couple of years. Vengaivasal promises a lot of opportunities and benefits that many other region in the city do not possess to offer. .

  1. Vengaivasal is a quiet suburb ideal for residential communities to come up.Connectivity to Velachery and OMR makes it a great location.There is reduced traffic congestion when compared to the other areas. The suburb railway station at tambaram is just 8 km from the region. It is also connected  to the vengaivasal bus terminal.All important commercial hubs of chennai like the IT corridor at OMR, SEZ in Tambaram and other industries are well connected to vengaivasal to be one of the ideal places to live in.
  2. Vengaivasal will not face the death of water supply since it is replenished by the nearby periyeri and sitheri rivers. Good water level represent one of the biggest reason why real estate builders and investors are rushing to place like vengaivasal to invest in both residential and commercial properties. Many places in chennai still face a dearth in water supply and hence make living very complicated and challenging.
  3.   Vengaivasal is garnering interest and construction activities now,social infrastructure in this region is also gradually developing . A number of premium schools,modern hospital and restaurants have made it to vengaivasal thus contributing to the lifestyle of urban chennai. it is essential that you take certain steps to safeguard your investment. There are  number of schools, colleges, hospitals and shopping markets in the area that can cater to a quality residential dwelling experience. 

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